The role of negociant in Bordeaux focuses of course on that of a merchant, ambassador, go-between and propagator. To consider this profession uniquely in terms of sales would be a travesty, confusing the very nature of the role with its purpose. Working with fine wines is a luxury seldom chosen for its purpose alone. Acting as a negociant in Bordeaux implies having chosen Wine, in the broadest sense possible of the term and in its every dimension. If wine is fundamentally a product of the soil, then fine wine is fundamentally created by human intervention. Not only does Fine Wine express a sense of place, but also an ideal, an experience, real life and a certain sensitivity. Over the centuries, an entire community has evolved around Bordeaux fine wines and the negociant lies at the very heart of this community, acting as a bridge between Bordeaux and the rest of the world. We are very attached to this bridge analogy. A busy, constantly evolving bridge, backed by a structured strategy, dedicated to our particular vision of Fine Wine.


Mathieu Chadronnier

Managing Director CVBG



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