Wine is profoundly authentic, rooted.

Inherently meant to be shared, it brings people together and warms the soul. More than any other product from the soil, great wine is emotional. It is a reflection a landscape, an era, a culture, a quest, a story which deserves to be told and shared far and wide. Firmly committed to protecting these values, CVBG’s mission is also founded on strong and caring relationships with customers and chateau owners alike, nurtured over the course of decades.

For our customers, we guarantee access to an extensive selection of the finest wines, the assurance of ideal storage conditions, and the reliability and exactitude afforded by our high-performance information system. And for chateau owners, we provide access to a unique distribution network connecting the best operators in 85 countries.

Day by day, our young, dynamic team strive to make CVBG the best fine wine house possible, driven by exacting standards, responsiveness, clear focus on customer service and commitment to the long term.

Perhaps more than our generally accepted capabilities and the personal beliefs of everyone involved in the business, it is the future which drives us on. Our commitment to develop and enhance wine trade determines our strategy. Passion for wine and a forward-looking approach forge CVBG’s added value.

Skopeo 10

As every year, we are pleased to share with you our latest Skopeo to present Bordeaux’ new vintage. It brings together experts and producers whose opinion we value especially, but also a necessary focus on environmental approaches (“the paths of virtue”), a long ranging interview with Prince Robert de Luxembourg, and a detour through gastronomy, photography, and even music, to give Wine centre stage.

It’s already been close to 10 years since we started this annual publication as our way to share a more intimate, non-commercial vision of Bordeaux…

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