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A product of the soil, wine is a truly authentic creation. Meant for sharing, it brings people together and is good for the soul. More than any other harvest, great wine elicits strong emotion. It reflects a landscape, a period of time, a culture, a quest, a story that deserves to be told and shared far and wide. Firmly committed to championing these values, CVBG is also founded on forging strong, considerate relationships with customers and chateau owners alike, nurtured over time.


Our personal vision of each vintage. A review including the opinions from the experts we value, and photographers or chefs we hold dear.

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Fines Wines/

With its huge diversity, the CVBG portfolio is unparalleled. Initially focused on local Bordeaux wines, in a pioneering approach, this has been boosted over the years with some of the world’s finest wines.

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Know How /

CVBG’s renowned expertise is founded on our perfectly handled distribution networks, unique information system and ideal storage conditions.

Three pillars that seal the expertise and deeply rooted commitment to promote the company’s fine wines.

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A Team /

In addition to their undisputed professional capabilities, the men and women who work for CVBG/ demonstrate their passion and dedication for fine wine on a daily basis.

Open-minded and dynamic, customer relations play a pivotal role for all our employees, each dedicated to securing the future of these prestigious wines.

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International Presence /

From its historic homeland in Bordeaux, over time CVBG/ has established a far-reaching distribution network, which today spans 85 countries, with 6 offices in international markets.

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News /

Bordeaux Primeurs 2020

En primeur wine sales are an age-old Bordeaux tradition, the exact origins of which are as uncertain as they are ancient.

The most likely explanation is that en primeur wine sales as we know them today, ie. wines sold as ‘futures’ before bottling, approximately a year ahead of shipment, date back to when bottling at chateau became commonplace in the mid-20th century. Before that time, wines were sold in bulk during the winter following the harvest.

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