2022 Vintage

2022 is the vintage that beat all the odds;

In Bordeaux, 2022 was also the vintage of climate change, the scars of which we still bear. It is a vintage that challenges the future, and raises serious questions, not least regarding our approach to viticulture. With waves of sweltering heat and historic drought, there is a distinct feeling that the pace of climate change is increasing, and our ability to adapt also.


Yet 2022 is also the vintage that beat all the odds, yielding wines of baffling freshness, purity and depth. It essentially came down to resilience. That of the vine, much to our respect. The admirable resilience of the growers too. It restores our faith in the future, which is all the more poignant in our constantly beleaguered environment. Resilience is a driving force, the motivation we need to push on.